dinsdag 18 maart 2014

My First Youtube Video!

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Today I filmed my first youtube video; my shoe collection. I had actually planned on filming "My make-up routine" but I couldn't get proper lighting due to terrible weather. Bummer! So instead I decided to show you my favorite part of my closet.
                               (Note: this was really what my shoes looked like after filming...)

Most of my shoes are low-budget, I would say that 70% of them are either from Primark or H&M. The rest are from several other low budget stores (Bristol, Van Haren and yes even Blokker!). After filming my room was a mess, but I took that as an opportunity to reorganize my footwear. My flats and sandals don't fit on the shelves so I keep them separately in a box in my closet. Should I also film a closet tour? My feet are everything but "summer ready" (article idea?) so my apologies for that!

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