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Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide Week 4 Review + Progress Pictures!

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My weekly review for the bikini body guide! My reviews for the other weeks:
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Decided to take my picture after I finished my work out for a change, god I look terrible. Legs and cardio still kick my ass!

Biked for half an hour.

Arms and abs, commandos are definitely my least favorite exercise ever. Getting better at push ups though!

Biked half an hour through the rain, welcome to May in The Netherlands.

Full body workout today. Love feeling the burn in almost all my muscles. You may have noticed that I have done all my resistance workouts at home this week. With a few heavy books and something you can step on (I use a low chair) you don't even need a gym!

Biked for half an hour (sorry, my cardio was pretty boring this week).

Rest day!

And now I've completed four weeks of the guide! I know you're all wondering, have I made any progress? Did I lose weight? Do I look different? Well obviously four weeks is not a lot of time so I haven't made any mind blowing progress. I did lose 2 kilos (4.4 lbs) and I feel a lot stronger especially in my arms and abs. Here is a comparison, the pictures on the left were taken on my first day of doing the bikini body guide four weeks ago, the pictures on the right were taken today.

I tried to take the pictures at the same angle and with the same posture. I didn't look terrible before but I had some toning up to do (in my opinion). There's not a huge difference but I still have eight weeks left! I will be posting my next progress pictures in week eight.

You can buy the guide here.

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  1. Do you need to go to the gym to do all her workouts? I want to buy her guide but I dont have a gym membership. Let me know, thanks! You look amazing by the way! sjhogan8@gmail.com

    1. No you don't! You just need something you can use as weights (heavy books, water bottles etc) and something to step on (bench, low chair). I often do her workouts at home when I don't feel like going to the gym. Thank you!

  2. Do the guide have a meal plan with it or just a traing plan?

    1. There's a separate meal plan that's designed to go with the training plan. You can find it here: http://www.kaylaitsines.com.au/bikini-body-guides/help-nutrition-guide
      . You can also buy the exercise and meal plan together here: http://www.kaylaitsines.com.au/bikini-body-guides/bikini-body-guide-bundle

  3. Thank you! Did you buy the mealplan too?

  4. You look amazing! I am really considering getting her workout guide. Idk why I am so hesitant. It cost less for 12 weeks than what I pay for 1 session with my trainer. Great post! xoxo

    1. Thank you! I was hesitant too at first, but it's definitely worth the money in my opinion.

  5. HI! You are my lifesaver! I bought h.e.l.p ebook last week and I didn´t know how the workout weeks worked, but after reading your post I can understad it! Thank you very much! ♥♥
    Greeatings from Spain!! :) I will be following you! Good luck Maya:)

  6. You're welcome! Good luck with the guide! :)


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