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Bodyshop Haul + Reviews

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Wednesday I went to a special Bodyshop evening to get a free makeover and make-up advice. Unfortunately we were a little late so they couldn't give us the full makeover before they closed. They did however apply some nice eyeshadow and gave us coupons to come back another time. There was a special deal: if you bought €25 worth of products you'd get a free goodie bag! Now that's an offer I couldn't refuse.

After the shopping my friend and I went and got some delicious strawberry-banana smoothies!

I bought the Raspberry Body Butter and Shea Body Scrub myself and got the goodie bag for free!

          Early-Harvest Raspberry Body Butter



This body butter has a firm, buttery texture. It absorbs quickly into your skin and leaves it feeling nice and soft. It has a very sweet and fruity scent, but certainly not too sweet. It does remind me a bit of raspberry flavored candy. The scent lingers for a few hours.

Shea Body Scrub




               A mild scrub with sugar and salt. It exfoliates well and the oils leave your skin soft and smooth. The shea smells delicious and lingers even after your shower.

                  On to the goody bag! The total worth of this bag is €25,50!


                        Chocomania Body Scrub




This scrub has a mousse like consistency. It is a milder scrub than the shea one, but still does the job.
The smell is amazing, because like the consistency, it is almost identical to chocolate mousse! Warning: even if you're probably dying to, do not eat! Unfortunately the scent does not linger.

                   Born Lippy Pot Passionberry



             This lip balm has a gel like consistency and leaves your lips soft and shiny. It has a subtle berry          tint to it. The smell is sweet yet fruity and lingers for quite some time.

             Tester with Pink Grapefruit Body Butter



      This body butter has a creamy texture and immediately absorbs into your skin. It has a light sweet                 smell with a hint of fresh grapefruit mixed into it. The smell lingers for a few hours.

           Vineyard Peach Shower Gel


           This soap free shower gel has a gel like consistency and cleans your skin 
             without drying it out. The smell is pure peaches, fruity but sweet. It reminds me of 
                       fresh peach iced tea! You only need a little product to 
          have your bathroom smell like a peach vineyard. The smell lingers for about an hour. 

 Camomile Gentle Eye Make-up Remover 60 ml
€12,- for 250 ml


This eye make-up remover has a very watery consistency. Be careful when you first open it! It does however remove eye make-up very well. Unfortunately it does not remove waterproof make-up so I probably won't be using it. It has a sweet and flowery scent that does not linger.

My favorite product from this haul is definitely the chocomania body scrub, I can't stop smelling it! My friend couldn't even resist tasting it, and unsurprisingly it tasted awful! Still the smell makes me crave all things chocolate, I'm certainly buying more once I finish this one. Do you have any of these products at home? Or is there another Bodshop product you can't live without? I'd like to hear your recommendations so leave them in the comments below!

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