donderdag 17 april 2014

Primark Haul

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This Tuesday I went to Primark (Hoofddorp) to look for some spring/summer clothes. I went during the day to avoid most of the crowdiness. Still, only an hour after opening, queues were already forming before the fitting rooms and checkouts. Luckily we were done before the serious congestion started. They had loads of spring/summer clothes and the shoe collection was so big I spent half an hour in that section alone! Luckily I only bought two pair, my shoe collection is starting to get a bit ridiculous. Let's take a look at my purchases, shall we?

Everything together! 

Blue/grey/white striped maxi skirt with tan belt.

Kimono with flower print

Black pair of skorts (shorts that look like a skirt)

Black shorts with pink aztec print.

Sporty black t- shirt with v-neck.

White top with flower print.

White crop top with flower print.

White t-shirt wit rolled up sleeves and a cat.

Black gladiator wedges.

Tan flats with cutouts.

first €4
second €6
Two sport shorts.

Beach bag

And all of that for just €110! I hope you see why I love Primark so much now. Did you already buy your summer essentials?

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