donderdag 3 april 2014

Mini Beauty and Accessories Haul

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This week I bought several new things that weren't really worth their own blog post, so I combined them into one mini haul. I was looking for some new sunglasses, preferably fake aviators, and some new face-wash and hand cream. H&M had some jewelry on sale (everything for €1,-!) so I couldn't stop myself from buying two pieces.

six €12,95

I've been looking for aviators that look good on me for ages. Most of them make my face 
look really wide and/or my cheeks chubby. Last Tuesday 
I walked into six, tried three sunglasses and then found these! 
They are fake gold aviator sunglasses with a cute brown detail on the legs.

I've been wearing them 24/7 since Tuesday, definitely my best purchase.

Lush €12,70

I try to avoid lush most days, everything smells so good and I just keep buying things 
I don't really need... But I was tempted and looking for a new cream to moisturize my hands
 without making them greasy. So I bought this hand cream, it has 
a neutral scent and it absorbs quickly into your skin.

H&M €1,-

      I found this cute snake necklace in the sale section. I must admit I already have 
loads of gold colored necklaces but for €1,- I couldn't leave it.

H&M €1,-

Same goes for this bow-bracelet, too cute to leave behind!

Kruidvat €7,99

I've been using this face wash for a few months now but I ran out 
at the beginning of this week so I had to repurchase. It's a great face wash to get rid of make-up 
or oil while leaving your skin soft and hydrated. It also smells really good!

I was also very tempted to buy "R&B" from lush (a leave in conditioner for curly hair) but I do really have to save money for my vacation so I put it on my wish-list. Did you guys make any good purchases this week?

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